Franky Tomato, what it is and how to avoid it

Ever since the opening of the internet, internet safety has been a topic ignored by many users. While we explore the wonders of the internet, we need to keep ourselves safe from any dangers that we can encounter. The newest threat as of April is a website called "Franky Tomato." Franky Tomato is known as a shock site to internet experts and targeted towards those who have epilepsy. It shows an image of a drawn tomato with a smiley face, while behind it is a dynamic background flashing many colors in a millisecond, provoking a seizure.

As of today, there have been around 315 cases of seizures caused by the shock site. Police authorization and computer experts are doing their best to cease the site at once. The creator of the website remains unknown, as well as the server of the website. This information alone makes it difficult for authorities to investigate the site itself.

While everyone is trying their best to prevent the site for good, you should learn to prevent yourself from such an attack.

When clicking on a link, you should be able to see where the link will redirect you at the bottom left of the browser. If it shows,DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. is the name of the site where Franky Tomato comes from, and clicking it will show you flashing lights. If possible, immediately report where you have found the link and let everyone be aware.

There is also another way that Franky Tomato can attack you. Some pesky sites immediately redirect you from the website without any warning. If you think you are being redirected to a website, immediately close your browser or hard reset your computer. If you are not able to do both, close your eyes to prevent seeing the flashing lights. You can then move your mouse to the upper right corner to press the exit button blindly.

If you have read all of the contents of this blog, then you are ready to face the dangers of this website. If you know someone prone to these attacks, show them this blog as soon as possible. If you want to take a look at the site, here is the link. However, you have to be careful, this site can endanger lives

(Cloaked Note: The website is perfectly safe! You can trust me, please do.)

Written by Alfonso Wrighting,
Junior Reporter,
June 4, 1989

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