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Murders Right Near You

It seems that my first blog has recently been getting popular, so I wanted to create a follow up for that blog. I introduce you "Murders Using Short-Ranged Weapons."

Short-Ranged weapons are weapons that involve being close to your victim to attack them. These weapons can be spears, knives, weights, wooden planks, heavyweight souvenirs, forks, and much more.


I do not promote or condone real acts of homicide. This site is merely just for guides on writing murder mysteries.


Knives are the most popular short-ranged weapon for murder. It is probably the first thing that comes into mind when you hear the word "kill." Heck, it's even in the logo of the website. Usually, in murders, knives are held different than how you would hold it when using it as a household utensil. You have to hold the knife upside down where the knife tip is facing downwards, so when you swing down, you are stabbing downwards.

When you stab someone, usually blood would come out of the entry point. The amount of blood depends on where you stabbed. If the culprit hits an aorta (the red "veins" of the body), expect a bloodbath. If they do stab someone, chances are they will get hit with blood. In the event of that happening, they would need to wear something that they can get rid of to hide the blood, like a blanket, extra clothes, or a mask. The killer would also have to get rid of the knife that the killer would use if they are not wearing any gloves because they can detect their fingerprints if they are not wearing anything that prevents them from handprints from getting onto the handle.

Heavyweight Items

Let's get onto heavyweight items. You can inflict blunt force trauma with these items because the impact of something heavy towards their body can be very damaging. Let's take an example: In a mystery game which I used to play, the murder weapon was a mini-replica statue of "The Thinker." You can see that anything blunt can be a weapon of any sort.


Sometimes, guns can be short-ranged. If you aimed and fired a pistol at someone else at a near distance, they would get shot. The bullet creates an entry-point into the body and an exit point out of the body. You can fire a gun while still being very near the victim, this is called "point-blank". The difference between a point-blank shot and a normal shot is that near the gunshot wound there should be gunpowder marks because of the gun igniting right in front of them.

I don't have anything to say here about this, and I truly apologize for having this chapter very short to read. My hopes are not that high for the next blog as the next planned blog should be about "Drowning." Anyways, that is all I have to stay, remember folks, stay skeptical.

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