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My name is Satujin Sakusei, and I am known as a gifted Mystery Writer. I am currently 19 and currently writing my 21st book "The Dystopia's Treasure." My publisher had recently brought to my attention that I should write a guide on how I write my murder mysteries. I do not mean to brag, but the murders I've written are so excellent they make their mouth drop. It would be a good time on how I write these murder mysteries, so I invested in a domain, hired some amateur web developers (there were no professionals at the moment), and in just a few weeks, this site went up to the internet for everyone to read.

This site consists of a lot of murder ideas, guides on how to write murders, updates on my books, and much more. If you are interested in a topic, hop on down to the list below!


I do not promote or condone real acts of homicide. This site is merely just for guides on writing murder mysteries.

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This site is part of CloakedCoder's ARG, "LoCoRonpa : Hypertext Murder Languange"