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Murders From Davy Jones Locker

Drowning is when a body is submerged underwater for a prolonged period. In this article, I will show you ways on how a culprit can drown their victim.

On a recent murder plan featured in one of my books, I have used drowning as the method of murder for once. It was exciting writing the plot of how they did it as there were a lot of restrictions in the place chosen. Drowning may be one of the least gore-inducing methods of murder, but it has a lot of potential of being used creatively.


I do not promote or condone real acts of homicide. This site is merely just for guides on writing murder mysteries.

Drowning, usually, is one murder associated with accidents. It would be hard trying to find if the cause of drowning was an accident or a murder. This is why most drowning cases are disguised as accidents as if it is not classified as a murder, the investigation is minimized, and there would be a higher chance of getting away with it.

An adequate way to hide a drowning victim is to throw them into a very rapid river filled with rocks. The investigation team would assume they fell into the river and drowned. An also great way to hide a drowning victim is to put them on the shore at low tide. So when it reaches high tide, they would drown. Notice how these places are natural bodies of water? It would be challenging to drown someone in an artificial body of water unless you are alone, like a pool. (I am looking at you, puppet maker.)

The size of the body of water does not even matter if you are going to drown someone unless you mean a water bottle. You can drown someone in a fish tank, or a sink, or even an inflatable summer pool.

Usually, people drown because they can't swim, or maybe, they can not move. You can tie someone up and throw them in a lake, or perhaps put something heavy on top of them.

You can use alibi tricks by using something that continuously fills up a large body of water, so that way, the victim can drown while you are far away and earn an alibi.

You can perhaps break or punch a hole in a sea vehicle or a sea suit to cause difficulty. That way it could also look like an accident. However, there is a chance to escape.

You can also use the strong pressure of the deepest parts of the ocean as a way to crush your victim underwater and bring them down the ocean floor.

Getting rid of evidence that suggests the victim dying from drowning is very hard and is nearly impossible if the culprit wants the body discovered shortly. You can not simply dry the body after you drown them, so the best move is to leave the body behind and run.

Sorry if this is a short article. This topic is a specific way of murder instead of a large branch of topics like the other ones. I promise by the next article, I will reveal something very fascinating, but for now, stay skeptical folks.

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