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A name given to people who have a similar personality towards the fictional character Rook Catastrophic from the Catastromicide Series.

Guy 1: Shut up, you know im way more smarter than you.

Guy 2: ok, Rookie.

by OverToastedRoast, April 24, 1989


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  • Guest User

    This is one of my classmates, he got punched in the face yesterday.

  • notagirl25

    Found one in Double Dice ROFL doubledice.org/077.html

  • TennisisLife

    I swear to god, I hate, no, DESPISE these kind of people. goddamn annoying as hell.

  • xX_moused_Xx

    Shut up, Rookie

  • thatonefanbrrrrrrr

    You became the thing you swore to destroy.