Double Dice Chat Log #077 (GMT-5 20:02:34 5/21/89)

You both like [REVOKED FOR NOW], say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: Hello

Stranger: 18M

You: 17M

Stranger: im the the real rook catastrophic

Stranger: seriously

You: No you're not

Stranger: yes

Stranger: my gf is kayleigh

You: Everybody knows that

You: Also, Rook didn't have a girlfriend until he was 21.

Stranger: no

Stranger: i rel

You: Prove it

Stranger: no, you suck at chess and i dont to people who suck at chss

You: What do you call those people who suck at chess then?

Stranger: n00bs


You: Do you even read the webcomic? He calls them patzers

Stranger: yes patzers

Stranger: you patzers

You: How am I a patzer, never played a game with ya

Stranger: i watch you play, i am moderayor at chess site

Stranger: you lost, your king deed

You: Do you even know how to play chess?

Stranger: yrs im Rook

You: Lol Bullshit

Stranger: you are talking to the real rool

Stranger: i will report for disrepdct

Stranger: Hello you are no talking to Double Dice Police

You: ROFL what is a Double Dice POlice

Stranger: you will be banned for disrespect and bullying

You: Thanks kid for the likes in the [REVOKED FOR NOW]

Stranger: what


You have disconnected